WESTCOASTLASHBAR lashes are made for multiple uses but to ensure longevity of your lashes here's a few tips to apply and care for your lashes:


1. Remove lashes carefully from packaging, use tweezers or gently with you fingers to remove lashes.

2. Measure your lashes by measuring the lashes to your eye, this helps by ensuring that the lashes matches your eye. If it is too long, cut off the end, cut little by little until the lashes match your eye. 

3. Now it is time for lash adhesive. I would recommend any lash glue like DUO or House Of Lashes they're my personal favorite. Apply lash glue, put a thin layer and wait a few seconds, I would wait 15 seconds, this helps the lash glue get tacky when applied it will be intact and will last all day.



1. Remove glue buildup, this can be done by holding the lash by its base and gently removing the excessive glue with your fingers.

2. When applying mascara, try to apply mascara to your natural lash first not the false lash, this prevents build up and lengthen the longevity of our faux mink lashes. Using mascara will create build up and will be hard to clean off to ensure longevity try not to use mascara. Just be aware our lashes are handmade and the band is very sensitive.

3. Store lashes in their original tray or our lash boxes to maintain the shape and keep them clean.

4. Please DO NOT pull or "drag" your lashes by the lash hairs this will cause damage to the band and fallout! 

WestCoastLashBar lashes are 100% handmade when it gets wet the shape and the curl will not be maintained. Please avoid submerging lashes into water.